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Our Services

At Like A Boss Management Collective, we possess a wealth of skill, knowledge and resources, and we are committed to our clients’ success.


The success of a business is intrinsically linked to solid business management. We have the tools and skill to ensure longevity and sustainability in today’s markets.


To maximize a business’ growth, it needs to be visible. Professional marketing and advertising are crucial to bringing customers to your door, not your competitors’.


Managing finances using the shoebox method is ineffective and costly. We ensure financial accountability to you, your clients, and to government agencies.


We do your busy work so you can devote more time to doing your best work – serving your clients, producing your product, writing your stories, or promoting your message.

Balance The Scale

When you work for yourself, the biggest challenge you will face is time. Being your own boss is incredibly liberating, but it is so easy for entrepreneurs’ entire lives to be swallowed up by the demands of their business.

The Myth

The concept of a business owner simply utilizing better time management as a solution to achieving work-life balance is a seductive myth. The business owner has the same twenty-four hour day everyone does – and often twice as many things to accomplish in that day to ensure their business remains viable.

The Challenge

Rather than trying to manage time better, the business owner must learn to manage their priorities.

But how does one sort, categorize and assign an importance rating to all those things that are already interconnected in the top spot?

The Solution

When the business owner, entrepreneur, or creative professional outsources and delegates the busy work, not only are they actively managing their priorities, investing in their well-being, their future and their relationships.

Like A Boss Management Collective Does Your Busy Work So You Can Do Your Best Work!

Like A Boss at work:

A Case Study

Delivering Measurable Results

Our client came to us as a part-time service-based business owner who wanted to transition to full-time. His challenge was to create a legitimate business presence alongside other established industry competitors, and do it on a limited budget. Like A Boss Management Collective worked with the client to create and execute a solid business strategy that resulted in ensuring a sustainable future. Diligent record keeping practices provided significant tax liability reduction. Today, the client continues to enjoy a 96% conversion rate.


64% Decrease in Tax Liability


96% Increase in Client Conversion Rate

Our Expertise

  • Management / Administration
  • Marketing / Design
  • Writing / Copywriting
Like A Boss Management Collective is known for many things, but we are most often sought out to provide services and support in these key areas. As such, we are constantly surveying the current trends and laws so we remain at the forefront of technology and governance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Businesses Do You Work With?

We work with everyone, really!

We help aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their business from idea to reality, as well as established service and product based companies to help them maximize growth and profit, and we work with artists and creative professionals to promote their work.

We love working with individuals to create or update resumes, personal branding, completing taxes, and assisting with financial management.

Do you offer long term services?
We deliver our services tailored to fit the needs of each client, so whether you need a la carte service, or long-term management and administrative solutions, Like A Boss Management Collective is there to close the gap.
What Do Your Services Cost?

The costs of starting and running a small business are significant. Chances are, you have a limited operating budget that does not have the funds to employ a bookkeeper, an IT professional, a graphic designer, a business manager, and an administrative assistant.

Like A Boss Management Collective provides the expertise of all those professionals at a fraction of the cost of just one in-house specialist. Consultations are at no cost to you, and we encourage you to reach out so we can get to know each other and discuss your needs.

Many of our services are billed out on an hourly basis, and we use current technology to ensure vigilant tracking of only the time spent actively working on the project or task.

In the delivery of an actual product, we provide a written quote according to the scope of the work needed.

For bookkeeping services, we assess the current status of the client’s records and provide a two-part written quote. The first part refers to setting up a workable records management system. The second part of the quote is for the monthly bookkeeping cycle, tailored to the needs of the business.

Preparing company books for Year-end is a significant undertaking, and Like A Boss Management Collective is happy to provide a quote for this task after assessing the current records.

We’ve done our best to address the most common questions we get asked. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t see your own question answered here.

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Like A Boss Management Collective will also host virtual and in-person networking events to support small business – subscribe to be the first to know about these valuable opportunities!

Our Clients

Like A Boss Management Collective is fortunate to work with a variety of talented people and business owners. These are a few of our valued businesses and clients.

“Christine is a powerhouse for all of my editing and publicist needs. Her creativity, marketing knowledge and business expertise have been the missing piece to help me bring my chaotic business into order, promote my message and help me grow to new levels.”

“What can I say – I love Christine!”

Carey Rigby Wilcox, Author

Director, See A Book Take A Look

“Christine knew exactly what to do to give my business the edge it needed. I had been running things about the same as when I started out over 25 years ago and it wasn’t bringing the profits it could be. I was spending more time looking for customers than I was serving them because my customers couldn’t find me.”

“With Christine’s business sense, creative eye and technical knowledge, my profits jumped and she saved me thousands of dollars in expenses and write-offs.”

Rick Holwinko

Owner, CORE Paint Solutions



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